"Our company values safe working practices, so we need to be assured that our suppliers are meeting the same expectations. Cylinder Repair Services have worked with us to not only sort out the rams and buckets in terms of refurbishments but they have advised us on ways to maintain our equipment to prolong the life span. Thus keeping our safety top priority"  

Hydraulic Ram Repairs

PTO and pump specialist suppliers

Clamshell bucket refurbishment

Why Choose CRS?
Quality Assured

With over 30 years experience CRS is proud to be dedicated to our mission to become one of the leading hydraulic ram and PTO pump specialists in the UK.


CRS can manufacture, service and test all equipment that comes through the door. Ensuring you receive a cost-effective and reliable ram or pump. 

Qualified to make the job right

CRS knows that not every job is the same. Our technical sales team are on hand to ensure that your specifications are met 


We then work closely with our engineering team to change every problem into a solution

Swift turnaround

We understand how crucial your equipment is to the daily running of your business and how costly downtime is.


CRS prides ourself on not only producing a complete solution but we will provide a realistic swift turnaround, so your business has minimal disruption meaning you can go back to doing what you do best.


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