Hydraulic Ram Repairs

Here at Cylinder Repair Services South East Ltd we take pride in taking in your broken rams and  using our years of expertise and knowledge we return them to you in perfect working order.


First port of call for CRS South East ltd is to inspect the Ram, it is placed into the inspection bay and the ram is stripped and assessed, a realistic and reasonable quotation is produced and sent to the customer.

When accepted  the ram is handed over to our team of engineers, they will amend or replace the faulty component of the Ram, whether that is with our lathe technicians creating a bespoke piece for your hydraulic ram. 

Finally but most importantly the ram is put through pressure testing to reach the manufacturers Safe Working Capacity so we can ensure the safety and the quality of our unique service.  


Common Faults with Hydraulic Rams 


 - Leaking seal: This will usually be the main indication that the ram will need servicing fast. There are few reasons that seals may leak these may include; An inadequate fitted or worn seal, marks on the piston rod, oil contamination or incorrect metalwork.

​​- Broken eye bearing: This usually occurs through shock loading, i.e there’s a sudden impact due to high pressure, that causes the eye bearing to break or when the cylinder is placed under a  higher stress load than anticipated.

​​ - Corroded barrel: This issue is caused by contaminants within the oil and might indicate misuse of the equipment.

​​ -  Overheated cylinder: If a cylinder is operating at above its heat range, it can reduce the rams effectiveness and cause it to not work effectively, resulting in damage to the cylinder.

​​ - Damaged or bent piston rods or rod bearings: This problem can be caused by overloading or by misuse of the equipment.  


 If you are experiencing any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Cylinder Repair Services South East Today