Excavator / Clamshell Bucket Repair

Out With The Old In With The Refurbished 


At Cylinder Repair Services South East we understand how important your excavator or Clamshell bucket is to your operations. They go through vigorous tests of endurance on a daily basis so when they do not operate they way they should, it can be extremely frustrating and costly.

 With Prices Starting at £1050 (Excluding VAT and Delivery) we are able to prolong the life span of your Bucket meaning you won't have the "shell" out for a new one. 

Common Problems found with the buckets

  • Bushes and eyes worn and deteriorated.   

  • Bucket eyes elongated. 

  • Blades worn.

  • Rotator leaking causing bucket to shut on it's own accord. 

  • Ram leaking.

  • Bucket out of alignment.


Cylinder Repair Services South East Diagnostics 

  • Bushes and eyes replaced.   

  • Bucket eyes welded and bored to original size.  

  • Blades turned or replaced.

  • Rotator resealed  and spindle polished or replaced.  

  • Ram resealed and rod polished or replaced.

  • Bucket pressure and alignment tested to ensure a very happy customer.